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Honey Port1 was originally released through Verbatim Consciousness Recordings (an imprint of DMT Tapes FL) in July 2016 as the label’s fourteenth album and was reissued six months later at the beginning of 2017 by Cyber Dream Records.2 Both issues are the same in terms of content; the only differences are that the former has “EP” appended to the title and that the latter switches around or misspells some of the words in a few of the track titles (e.g. “Desperate” vs. “Desparate”). The album artwork depicts a glitched portrait of Faye Valentine, one of the central characters in the Cowboy Bebop anime.

In composition, Honey Port is an example of the burgeoning trend of “lo-fi hip-hop” among producers within and without the vaporwave community. Tracks are primarily constructed from similar sample sources as vaporwave with elements of vaporhop, but beats are distinctly, well, lo-fi. Most tracks on Honey Port have elements of tape hiss and/or vinyl crackle. Percussion is generally mid-tempo or downtempo (e.g. “She Is Lustful”) with a distinct snare-heavy focus on some of the more lively track (e.g. “Small Places of My Heart”), kind of like San Francisco trip-hop. The melodic leads have a cool jazz style in contrast to adult contemporary, muzak, or smooth jazz. They are also frequently equalized and otherwise affected to match the lo-fi nature of the beats. A couple tracks have short vocal clips that act as another source of percussion (e.g. “Desperate”). Occasionally, there are some glitch effects that provide a nice foil to the contented atmosphere (e.g. “Oh Honey”), which provide the best source of unique identity within Honey Port.



1. Her – (1:08)
2. In Spanish That Means I Love You – (1:45)
3. You Stole My Heart – (1:21)
4. The Moon Told me That If I Do, I’ll Be Happy – (0:53)
5. Small Places of My Heart – (2:10)
6. She Is Lustful – (2:41)
7. Oh Honey – (1:41)
8. Desperate – (2:14)
9. Mouth21 – (2:16)
10. A Long Walk to Nowhere – (1:15)
11. Oh My Dear, When Will Be the Day That I’m Going to Know You – (2:18)


1Is that a pun on “honey pot”? Nice.
2Both label names are puns on media formats. “VCR” and “CD-R”.


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