Tree Reasoning – >>>> ⚠ Faulty Transmissions ⚠ <<<<

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>>>> ⚠ Faulty Transmissions ⚠ <<<< is a ten-track album in nineteen minutes from Tree Reasoning, a classic-style vaporwave artist who has been releasing music since early 2016. This album was issued through Occasionally Tapes, a North Carolina label that releases an eclectic mix of hypnagogic and classic-style vaporwave, often with utopian characteristics reminiscent of early net art.

The majority of >>>> ⚠ Faulty Transmissions ⚠ <<<< plays to standard classic-style tropes of pitch-/tempo-shifting with additional layered effects such as phasing and reverb. Tracks are generally short; the average song length is just under two minutes, akin to early classic-style releases from artists such as luxury elite. Samples come from adult contemporary music and smooth jazz, and the production often has a heavy layer of equalizing and mid-range focus to enhance the dated affect. It’s almost cliché by this point to use the phrase “sounds like something from the Fortune 500 label” in these album discussions (strike that up to luxury elite’s immense influence on the classic-style subgenre), but it’s one that’s clearly applicable yet again with regards to this particular album.

As with many classic-style albums out nowadays, it’s not something new for the genre so those who are looking for the next classic-style breakthrough might not be too fascinated by this one. The tropes are played close and safe. However, those who are all in on classic-style vaporwave should probably pay closer attention to artists such as Tree Reasoning. There’s certainly something to be said for that dusty milieu where you can almost hear the grime on the tapes.



1. Coming Up… – (0:36)
2. Time Check – (2:11)
3. Waiting Room – (0:55)
4. Purple and Yellow – (2:33)
5. 36 Hour Forecast – (1;28)
6. Elevator Going ↓↓↓ – (2:14)
7. Mail Order – (1:29)
8. Simulated Reality – (2:31)
9. Million Plus – (3:35)
10. Expiration – (2:21)


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