AOTW | 24 July – 30 July: Darksleep – Identity Ender

For many, ECCOJAMS began and ended with Daniel Lopatin’s ECCOJAMS (producing as Chuck Person). That’s not quite true. Now ECCOJAMS certainly had its most thriving period in the early era of vaporwave (2010-2012), but there are a multitude of artists who continue(d) to release music that evoked Lopatin’s surreal vaporwave trendsetter. Identity Ender is one of those albums. The first release from Darksleep, Identity Ender loops samples from popular music with a large amount of reverb so as to make each loop bleed over into the next – very similar to ECCOJAMS.

Identity Ender comes across as a mixtape of sorts for ECCOJAMS. There are several experiments (some successful, some not) that play with the ECCOJAMS formula, such as the dissonant microsamples of “Who Am I?” and the playback speed-screw of “Insomniac”. Others do little more than simply slow down extant music with a little bit of reverb added on, as with “Rude Awakening at 4AM” did to Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. Much of Identity Ender steps out of ECCOJAMS hypnagogic to focus on overt glitch aesthetic that can get pretty danceable at times, as with “Lucid (A Night with B)”. Weird and intriguing, with a lot of welcome experimentation within the ECCOJAMS form, even if they’re not all successful.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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