Naughty Night releases “Travel Agency Online 1995” by ☒

☒ (pronounced “quadratox”) is an extremely prolific Italian producer of experimental classic-style vaporwave, having released over fifty albums since 2011. Travel Agency Online 1995 is their newest album and is available through Naughty Night, which has released sample curation and downtempo classic-style albums from artists such as waterfront dining and M4. This particular album has a lot in common with the chill styles of waterfront dining and Trademarks & Copyrights; as may be gleaned from the title, it’s a concept album about mid-90s travel and flight. Travel Agency Online 1995 is available for €3 EUR as a digital download and for €0.50 EUR (not including shipping) on cassette in an edition of sixty.

Check it out below:



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