AOTW 31 July – 6 August: R0x4ry – Empire

As stated in our article on it, Empire is a project born out of failure. Failures, in fact. The album was created over a span of two years by Asura Revolver founder and co-owner R0x4ry, taking pieces and fragments from other works that had not panned out and transforming them into Empire. The album is also the first release on Asura Revolver following a near six-month hiatus, capitulating a new series of releases from artists such as Virtual Polygon, .mp3neptune (as Catlights), and Sour Gout. It’s also a personal feat by R0x4ry, who stated in communication with Sunbleach that the production and release of Empire was an attempt to prove to himself that he could make “a good album”. As far as we’re concerned, he did.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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