ph.2003 悲しいです – LUISMIWAVE 太陽 EP

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The LUISMIWAVE 太陽 EP1 by ph.2003 悲しいです2 is an eight-track release out through Latinwave, a label based out of Ecuador that was established in mid-2015 to cater specifically to the Latin American vaporwave community.3 The EP consists of memetic classic-style vaporwave, primarily being composed of Hispanic pop and adult contemporary tracks with FLORAL SHOPPE screw effects. Each song featured is sampled from music by Luis Miguel, an extremely popular and extremely successful singer who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As happens with classic-style, many of the tracks on LUISMIWAVE 太陽 EP are screws on extant music that don’t have much staying power outside of the novelty aspect. Much of LUISMIWAVE 太陽 EP can be boiled down to FLORAL SHOPPE meets Spanish music, which is unfortunate considering the undeniably large influence that Luis Miguel has had on the Hispanic music community. ph.2003 悲しいです could be more successful in the future by utilizing more classic-style tropes than the FLORAL SHOPPE screw, such as signalwave, broken transmission, or the pseudo-ambient of “LD・VHD” on Shader by Sacred Tapestry – or even go the Mason Guerrero route via noise-influenced ECCOJAMS. Otherwise, what’s left is just another album that slows down some pop songs that generally sounded pretty good on their own.



1. 私が必要 – (4:05)4
2. o n l y U ファンタジア – (2:48)5
3. 人で悲しいです – (3:26)6
4. 感謝, te quiero – (4:46)7
5. x あなた – (4:20)8
6. 敗者 (remastered) – (5:45)9
7. S O L- 砂と海 – (3:38)10
8. ビーチ – (3:30)11


1Japanese translation: “Luismiwave Sun EP”
2Japanese translation: “ph 2003 I am sad”
3… and sadly has not released an album in almost a year at the time of this writing.
4Japanese translation: “I need it”
5Japanese translation: “(Only U) Fantasia”
6Japanese translation: “I am sad”
7Japanese/Spanish translation: “Gratitude, I love you”
8Japanese translation: “x you”
9Japanese translation: “Lost (Remastered)”
10Japanese translation: “(S O L) Sand and the sea”
11Japanese translation: “Beach”



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