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V01D231 is the second full-length release by PINK AND YELLOW and the second overall by the artist for STC Records – the first being 2015’s Cloud Blanket EP. Released midway through January 2016, V01D23 has some of the best glitch art as its cover artwork released by a vaporwave label, even earning a shout-out by Sunbleach in our entirely unofficial end-of-the-year list. PINK AND YELLOW has since remained active as a producer, releasing three more albums in 2016 and another full-length in August 2017 through Norwegian label Vestkyst Støykollektiv.

This album consists of twelve short tracks that combine MIDI music with vaporwave tropes. Several tracks have a video game feeling to them with slight chiptune elements, as demonstrated by “Underwater Cave Exploration” and “Genesis / Loading”. Only three songs pass the three-minute mark; much of V01D23 is simply short vignettes of driving MIDI drums with small melodic flourishes. The production differs on practically every track: “Candy Colored Dream” is loud and brickwalled, whereas immediate follow-up “Blue Sunrise” is exceptionally quiet at almost one-fourth of the volume. This highly discrepant volume makes V01D23 a frustrating listen, giving it the impression of a dressed-up demo than a fully realized album – an impression that is not ameliorated by the stale MIDI percussion. However, with a bit more refinement and some longer song structures, there are several places (e.g. “Blue Sunrise” and “Coral Reef Expedition”) in which glimmers could be turned into shines.



1. Genesis / Loading – (1:37)
2. Deep Sea Diving – (1:37)
3. Underwater Cave Exploration – (1:31)
4. The Best We Could Do on Short Notice – (1:17)
5. Ghost in the Machine – (2:24)
6. Candy Colored Dream – (1:22)
7. Blue Sunrise – (1:55)
8. Pink Casino – (2:08)
9. Yellow Morning 45 – (3:01)
10. Coral Reef Expedition – (1:38)
11. Here on Apple Road – (1:30)
12. w(H0LE) – (1:06)


1No relation to the VOID21 label, as to my knowledge.


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