The Art of Angel Marcloid

Angel Marcloid is the founder and artistic director of the Swamp Circle label, which caters to experimental artforms that include vaporwave, digital aesthetics, and glitch – among many others. In addition to being a prolific music artist with a number of aliases, Angel is also a visual artist who creates all of the album artwork for Swamp Circle in addition to other works. Angel creates her art through warping clip art and googled images; she’s described her work as “plunderphonics” except with visual art instead of music. She extensively uses Photoshop as the main illustrative tool.

You can read more on Angel Marcloid via our interview with her in June 2017, accessible here. Additionally, you can check out Swamp Circle via this link.

The following media consist of a selection of Angel Marcloid’s artwork that was chosen to be featured on Sunbleach by Angel herself. Several of these works were commissioned by artists for use as album artwork through Swamp Circle. All works are untitled.





















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