Evaporated Sounds double release: “Filth Triptych EP” by First Kings and “EXIT II” by Virtual Polygon

Evaporated Sounds released two albums on Friday, 18 August: Filth Triptych EP by First Kings and EXIT II by Virtual Polygon. The former album is a three-track EP of progressive electronica/dreampunk music from the artist First Kings, who’s released several works on labels such as Sud Swap Audio Brewing, Seikomart, and Botanica1 in 2017 so far. The latter album is from Virtual Polygon – one of the aliases of the owner of Evaporated Sounds – and is a follow-up to his ambient release EXIT, which was featured on Asura Revolver earlier this spring. In contrast to the first album, EXIT II has more of a spacey vibe and is also much shorter at only twenty minutes in length. Both releases are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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