Evaporated Sounds triple release: マ力フシキ, 녹음하다, and Kung Pao

Evaporated Sounds has been quite productive this week. Today, the label dropped three vaporwave albums:
by マ力フシキ, 방송 누락 by 녹음하다, and FOG by Kung Pao.
is a five-track full-length of sample curation that primarily utilizes smooth jazz with an effect similar to 骨架的 on albums such as Holograms and reflections. Its tracks are quite long – three surpass ten minutes, making for some hypnagogic jam sessions. 방송 누락 (which translates as “Missing Broadcast”) is a broken transmission album that will appeal to fans of fuji grid tv, チェスマスター, and 不朽空間. Finally, FOG is a three-track EP of hypnagogic drift/dreampunk music with hi-fi production. All three albums are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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