[Admin] Header Change

Sunbleach has instituted a couple small changes to its headers. Previously, articles concerning albums were referred to on Sunbleach as “reviews”. While initial publications did focus more on “reviewing” articles, that designation no longer reflects the goals of Sunbleach – or if it ever did in the first place. The goal of the album articles on Sunbleach is not to “review” them, but to discuss their history and place in vaporwave and cyberpunk culture. This does not necessarily imply a judgment call – which is why the rating system on Sunbleach has always been referred to as “recommendations” instead of “ratings”. Sunbleach strives first and foremost to be a place where one can receive information as well as suggested listening circumstances/appeal instead of simply the personal opinions of its editors. As such, the header “Reviews” (and all such references) has been changed to “Album Articles”. Likewise, the page “Rating System” has been changed to “Recommendation System” for clarity and consistency.

These are small changes, but they are important ones that facilitate the goal of Sunbleach as a “resource network” for listeners and producers alike.


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