I promise that Sunbleach doesn’t go out of its way to feature albums from TKX Vault – it just so happens that a lot of the releases on that label are either really damn good or historically/aesthetically important to vaporwave and cyberpunk music.

SUPERCARTRIDGE is the second album from ULTRACOMPUTER, a pseudonymous project (of whom is anyone’s guess) that incorporates elements of musique concrète into signalwave and classic-style vaporwave music. SUPERCARTRIDGE takes the most influence from the latter subgenre of music, sounding like a cartridge of an early-mid 80s arcade game loading (and sometimes trying to load) its soundtrack. Primarily a lo-fi release, the album occasionally features clicking and stuttering as if the program can’t access the file on physical media, prompting it to switch over to the next track without a second thought. SUPERCARTRIDGE is a fun and enjoyable listen, but it’s also a great example of vaporwave and cyberpunk music as a true world-building artist movement, considering how SUPERCARTRIDGE really does sound like it’s a cartridge-based medium that just happened to be digitized for modern ears. Plus, look at the dusty and scratched-up cover. It’s as if it were dug up from some flea market seller that happened to have a few boxed copies.

Read the Sunbleach article here< and check out the music below:  


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