Sven K – White Gatorade

Recommendation: ✂ (“Hart Broken”)

White Gatorade is a four-track EP (three originals plus one remix) from Sven K, which follows-up his debut Paranoia Aspect from summer 2016. It’s the sixth chronological release from Kudatah Sounds, although the label enigmatically lists it as “KDTH-XXX” in its catalogue. The release is full of remix-style hip-hop and trap music, making heavy use of samples as a melodic and rhythmic base. For example, opener “Frost Glacier Cherry” features a backbeat driven by a voice that repeats “you don’t love me”, among some other phrases. It plays pretty close to the vaportrap/vaporhop aesthetics, with “Make Me Feel” featuring echoing vocal samples to introduce some hi-hat fun. “Hart Broken” continues what “Make Me Feel” started, but with short electronic phrases being the prominent compositional focus due to a relative lack of vocal snippets. This track is the best of the release, of which the rest are pretty standard independent hip-hop mixes. Grab that one if you’re interested; the remix doesn’t add much other than a chopped-up production effect that leaves the rest of the track intact.



1. Frost Glacier Cherry – (3:03)
2. Make Me Feel – (4:28)
3. Hart Broken – (4:27)
4. Hart Broken [Electrolyte Mix] – (4:06)


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