LOTW | 11 September – 18 September: Asura Revolver

The fifth bi-monthly label-of-the-week feature on Sunbleach is Asura Revolver, which is run by Norwegian artist R0x4ry! This label is an eclectic dreampunk/”vapour” label whose debut release was the approximately eighty minute ambient odyssey of Shinjuku Underground by Subaeris, an alias of HKE. The label chiefly operates through pay-what-you-want digital downloads, but they have also released several albums on cassette – such as the aforementioned Shinjuku Underground and also Empire by R0x4ry.

This week will consist of several album articles that discuss the Asura Revolver releases thus far. We’ll start off with an interview with R0x4ry, which you can access here. See below for current and future album articles on the Asura Revolver roster!

(Due to the vacation break on Sunbleach extending through Monday, 11 September, this LOTW will extend until Tuesday, 18 September.)


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