Arthur Yamamoto – No Sleep

Recommendation: ☹

Arthur Yamamoto’s debut release came out on Fantasy Deluxe in February 2016. No Sleep consists of lo-fi instrumental hip-hop beats that are laid over jazz and other source material with the sample curation aesthetic of early classic-style vaporwave. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: simple progressions and a laid-back style of compressed beats. The production inconsistently varies in volume – compare “SKYLINE” with “VIVID DREAMS.” Classic-style vaporwave shows up a bit more than on the rest of the album come “ALL I WANT”, and the album gets a little chiptune with “ANOTHER DAY”.

Overall, it’s a pretty standard lo-fi hip-hop release that sounds like a demo of better ideas to come. If you’re interested in this kind of music, then check out Nujabes.



1. VIVID DREAMS – (3:30)
2. TOMORROW – (2:46)
3. DEAD OF THE NIGHT – (4:20)
4. SKYLINE – (2:40)
5. MISSION – (2:35)
6. NIGHTLIFE – (3:06)
7. ALL I WANT – (1:12)
9. ANOTHER DAY – (4:20)


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