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I’d been planning a sequel for Exiting Little Pharma since December 2016, but I never managed to make anything new or exciting. After my last album, I decided to take a more ambient approach, and “Eccolocation” was born. I’d been hearing a lot of jungle music recently and decided to incorporate that sort of style into my new album, which I didn’t think had been done before. I downloaded all the jungle sample packs I could find and started digging through them for interesting breaks and pads. That’s when “Digital Friendzones” was born; what could’ve been a jarring mix of 808s and amen breaks was a beautiful journey through electronic music’s past and present. Ambient influences really helped glue it all together – a drifting eerie atmosphere helped submerge everything into a dreamy emotion that lulled you to sleep. Work really started in May/June 2017, when a bulk of the album was created. I then contacted R0x4ry, whose new label Asura Revolver was planning to have a second wave, and I enjoyed Empire. It seemed a perfect match honestly: an ambient proto-jungle-trap album on a label built upon progressing the vapour sound.


VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE has had quite a busy first year in the fray of cyberpunk music. Since mid-2016, the artist has blended together ambient music, vaporwave, and instrumental hip-hop. He came onto the scene with the release of Exiting Little Pharma on the enigmatic Cyber Dream Records labels, and later released albums on Sunset Recordings and Kaiseki Digital. New Pharma. New Vision – with its Google Sketchup-esque album artwork – was released on Asura Revolver, a Norwegian vapor(-wave) label run by R0x4ry, in the summer of 2018 as the label’s eighth overall full-length release.

As stated in the block-quote, New Pharma. New Vision is a follow-up to VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE’s debut release. It revisits the debut’s icy hip-hop beats and ambient vaporwave aesthetic, but this time the songs are driven more by beats than they are by melodies. True to its name, New Pharma. New Vision is somewhat of a revisioning of the VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE project with new influences from techno music, beat production, and the greater “vapor” scene as defined in 2017. This eclectic album also incorporates a variety of progressive electronica elements, such as on “Disciple of No Faith” and the keyboard outro of “Sleepy Angel”. VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE states that jungle music heavily influenced the album, but listeners will find the beats to be more sparse than such a statement may imply.

Check this out if you’re a fan of Triangle by Catlights, which is also available on Asura Revolver. This work does not have the proto-hardvapour aesthetic of Triangle, but it does have a similar beat-heavy focus with a style that’s indebted to but moved on from the stricter tropes of vaporwave. The swirly synthesizer sounds that back tracks such as “All Together Now” will appeal to fans of R0x4ry’s Empire. As with so many of the albums on Asura Revolver, New Pharma. New Vision. is a diverse mix of electronic music by talent that’s worth watching.



1. Troubleshooting – (2:00)
2. Manchester – (2:24)
3. Vision Perfect – (3:25)
4. Eccolocation – Talon Company – (3:57)
5. Increments – (3:45)
6. Disciple of No Faith – (2:56)
7. Tide’s Out – (2:16)
8. Sunday Drive – (3:04)
9. Digital Friendzones – (3:13)
10. All Together Now – (3:40)
11. Renewal (2nd Edit) – (2:46)
12. New Millenium – (4:55)
13. Sleepy Angel – (4:39)


1Thank you to R0x4ry for contacting the artist and providing this quote. Edited for grammar.


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