LOBOGAMMA® – Proyecto1111.16

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Proyecto1111.16 is a six-track EP from LOBOGAMMA® with artwork designed by La Mano Fria of Sud Swap Audio Brewing. This release is available through Botanica1, a sister label of Sud Swap and also of Japanese label Seikomart, and originally featured a cassette run that has since sold out. Released in November 2016, Proyecto1111.16 incorporates a variety of degradation and screw techniques to instrumental music (or muzak?) with hip-hop beats.

EP formats in vaporwave are a dime a dozen, and it may be tempting to dismiss releases from small or unknown names like LOBOGAMMA® as being another rehash of the same old tropes that are posted all over Bandcamp and Soundcloud.1 This release is an example of how diving into random EPs can be a rewarding experience. Opener track “PH12V.wav” has a hazy drone melody, which belies the hip-hop influence present in the rest of the album. “I-O-B-E-Y.wav” and “Carnicom.wav” have a glitch-hop influence. “Untitled4.wav” and “Frizz (feat. XS).wav*” bring some IDM into the fray, with the latter track sounding a lot like an early Autechre track. Final track “VIETNAM (feat. Fabián Wilkins).wav*” brings some glitch aesthetic back into the game with chaotic, semi-random beats over semi-random bass.



1. PH12V.wav – (3:10)
2. I-O-B-E-Y.wav – (3:26)
3. Carnicom.wav – (2:22)
4. Untitled4.wav – (3:28)
5. Frizz (feat. XS).wav* – (3:38)
6. VIETNAM (feat. Fabián Wilkins).wav* – (2:26)


1Note to readers in the future: hello! Yes, Soundcloud was still a thing.


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