AOTW | 9 October – 15 October: Hantasi – ラキア2019

As stated in our album article, ラキア2019 is quite possibly one of the strangest albums to come out of the “first wave” of vaporwave back in 2010-2012. This seventy-minute release consists of a bunch of chopped-and-screwed samples, sure, but they’re all affected in a way that sounds like garbled field recordings and jungle music – and that’s “jungle music” as in “from the jungle”, not the electronic music subgenre. The album was created by scrambling the soundtrack to the anime Akira 2019 in representation of the “deconstructionist Internet-based short art movement” called PAINS, which stands for “post-avant-Internet-surrealism”. Several tracks are long electronic pseudo-jams – shout-out to the fourteen-minute closer “Mass”. If you’ve ever thought that classic-style vaporwave is just recycled slow jams or that nothing good came out of 2012 that wasn’t Internet Club or Vektroid, then take a listen with this noisy and obfuscating release. The hour of run-time will take at least five or six times that to decipher what’s going on.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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