[Weekly Recap] 9 October – 15 October

Here’s the recap for new music, community news, and more for the week of 9 October 2017 through 15 October 2017. Lots of music came out this past weekend, so dive in and enjoy!




New Music

Monday, 9 October
Tuesday, 10 October
Wedneday, 11 October
Thursday, 12 October
Friday, 13 October
Saturday, 14 October
Sunday, 15 October


Site Publications

Tuesday, 10 October
Wednesday, 11 October
Saturday, 14 October

One comment

  • Hey!

    Absolutely love the content on here and am a regular visitor.

    I have currently started a youtube channel discussing specific and interesting topics on Vaporwave, and soon similar genres like Future Punk, Sea Punk, Eccojams etc.

    Trying to find a way to spread the word and get the community to see the content, so thought why not give it a shot and message y’all

    Heres a link to my first video, “The Connection Between Vaporwave & 9/11”:

    Thanks jabronis!

    -Mr. Pad Chennington


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