AOTW | 26 October – 5 November: Sour Gout – Transformations

Due to my funky work schedule, Sunbleach is hosting this AOTW over the next week-and-a-half rather than give an album less time! Transformations by Sour Gout was already semi-featured as a part of our label feature on Asura Revolver a while back, but it’s worth mentioning again as a great example of the diversity within Sour Gout, Asura Revolver, and the vaporwave (and “vapor”) genre at-large. Sour Gout has been making music for a few years, and his works have been so varied as to touch on dreampunk, ambient vaporwave, drone music, and hardvapour. Transformations goes a step further with a bit of a John Cage take on music by having the music per song transform into something else in a way almost akin to generative music. There are several sections that are rather unnerving due to the method by which Sour Gout adds/subtracts elements or lets them evolve on their own through clever manipulations; well, the actual result might not be unnerving, but hearing it get there leads to some interesting experiences. Definitely recommend for browsing late at night when you really should get some sleep.

Check out the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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