AOTW | 6 November – 12 November: Buried Angel – Sleep Tsunami

Sleep Tsunami was the first release for the short-lived Vault XYO label, which was part of Dream Catalogue’s series of imprints such as TKX Vault, Vault EVE, and Nirvana Port. The album is by the enigmatic Buried Angel, and Sleep Tsunami was billed as one of the “oldest” releases within the Vault found by the mysterious HEKAT Company. It has since been reissued on physical format through Dream Catalogue on cassette.

As mentioned in the Sunbleach review, Sleep Tsunami utilizes a lot of similar compositional and visual tropes as I Am Chesumasuta by チェスマスター, which was released last summer to community acclaim. Both records feature harshly distorted vocals with the signature dreampunk style of neo-futurist electronic music that was basically created by Dream Catalogue masterminds HKE and telepath. At just under a half-hour in run-time, Sleep Tsunami demonstrates the Dream Catalogue imprints’ focus on shorter releases and EPs rather than full-lengths. Sleep Tsunami is weird, screwy, and an interesting part of the overarching narrative that was so important through the Vaults and Ports. Fans of dreampunk should check this out – and so should fans of music as narrative.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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