Enylobe – サイエンスフィクション /// ファンタジー

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Come to downtown with サイエンスフィクション /// ファンタジー1, a mini-album from Californian artist Enylobe that’s heavily inspired by dreampunk and cyberpunk aesthetics. Available through French label Elemental 95 (via digital download and currently sold-out cassette), Enylobe’s debut release is indebted to the film Blade Runner, from which it heavily samples. It opens up with a minute of Vangelis’s famous score and segues into twenty-five minutes of vaporhop in five tracks. The artist features a few ambient and field recording-esque interludes at the start/end of each track. Enylobe utilizes some aspects of ECCOJAMS in production, as heard in the looping tempo-shifted vocals that underpin “楽園でランデブー”. “3:33∆M” is ostensibly an ambient track, making heavy use of the field recording aspects and sounding a bit like a found-sounds element with a couple pitch/tempo-shifting effect used for good measure. The album’s final track ends with Roy Batty’s “Tears in rain” monologue from Blade Runner before signing off with another few minutes of polyrhythmic vaporhop.

サイエンスフィクション /// ファンタジー has some high-quality beats. Those who are interested should check out “嫉妬の神”. One point of criticism lies in how tied it is to Blade Runner, which makes it hard for Enylobe to stand out when Vangelis samples drift in so often. Later releases would see Enylobe utilize more novel material and methods of production.



1. 小雨 – (6:25)2
2. 楽園でランデブー – (4:35)3
3. 私は音楽を夢見て – (4:15)4
4. 3:33∆M – (3:33)
5. 嫉妬の神 – (6:24)5


1Japanese translation: “Science fiction /// Fantasy”
2Japanese translation: “Light rain”
3Japanese translation: “Rendezvous at paradise”
4Japanese translation: “I dreamed of music”
5Japanese translation: “The god of jealousy”


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