Somber Rhombus – VR_Sip

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VR_Sip is a six-track EP from Stoic Parallelogr- I mean, Somber Rhombus. VR_Sip came out in November 2015 on Advanced Materials, a Louisiana label notable for releasing vaporwave, ambient, and drone releases inspired by cyberpunk culture. Most of these albums have a somewhat dark-tinge to them as originally connoted by the work “cyberpunk”- after all, Neuromancer and Blade Runner were anything happy.

VR_Sip utilizes synth drones and distortion similar to progressive electronica artists such as Vangelis and early Oneohtrix Point Never. It starts off with a comparatively relaxed “Silicon Realm” that gives way into the extremely loud “Xeonlord_MMX”, which almost sounds like an especially deranged cover version of a dial-up modem connection. This back-and-forth manner continues through the rest of the EP, which would make an excellent background accompaniment to the next time you play the old-school adventure game I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Fans of this work should also check out Sludge God by Bottomfeeder, which is a 2017 twist on this kind of sound.



1. Silicon Realm – (3:18)
2. Xeonlord_MMX – (1:13)
3. Memory Flood – (3:29)
4. Daydream Conversations [ Head_Space] – (4:33)
5. Firmware Update v.08 – (2:06)
6. 自殺ジャンプ Last View from the 89th Floor [ESCAPE] – (4:09)1

1Japanese translation: “Suicide jump (Last view from the 89th floor [ESCAPE])”


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