AOTW | 13 November – 19 November: W¯¯ – 该水流有其言力

W¯¯ (a.k.a. Watching Waters) created his debut album 该水流有其言力 in the aftermath of an emotionally catastrophic break-up. This album is constructed to portray the story of the artist’s coming to terms with his past, his present, and what might lie for him in the future. Many of the tracks utilize samples that relate to his relationship’s past in some way, and W¯¯ also provided an article of explanatory information several months following the album’s release to give these tracks more context, which we’ve summarized in the album article. Not only is this work an exceptional example of narrative within vaporwave, but it’s also a great example of hypnagogic music with a uniquely haunting and lugubrious (but not self-aggrandizing) atmosphere.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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