Junk Maker Sounds releases “Familiarity, Contempt and Money For the Rent” by JR/KS

Familiarity, Contempt and Money For the Rent is the second full-length release from JR/KS, who previously released DREAMS//WISHES on Goodnight Tapes back in December 2016. This work is a single hour-long composition of classic-style vaporwave that has been split into twenty-eight different tracks to facilitate listening. The album strongly uses plunderphonics/sample curation in taking individual bits outside of their original context and juxtaposing them with one another to create a new conceptual piece. There are several bits of ambient music and drone (e.g. “Machine 2”), although most of the release samples from muzak and pop media. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $8 USD on cassette in an edition of ten.

Check it out below:



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