Power Lunch releases “ISO​/​IEC 14882​:​1998” by WEBSITEツ

WEBSITEツ is one of many projects from Angel Marcloid, an artist who has had her hand in projects as varied as the Swamp Circle experimental music label, the MindSpring Memories project, and the noise music of Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ Ltd℻. ISO​/​IEC 14882​:​1998 is a new release of ambient vaporwave combined with the vignette presentation of signalwave, in which tracks are constructed out of extremely short original or looped material that typically run for very short tracklengths. It contrasts pretty heavily with the E-Motional Cartography with ライフMIDI that was released last year, which featured a twenty-two minute long composition from the WEBSITEツ project. ISO​/​IEC 14882​:​1998 is recommended for people who wonder what would happen if Infinity Frequencies were also behind ULTRACOMPUTER. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $7.50 USD on cassette in an edition of twenty-four.

Check it out below:



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