Fantasy Deluxe releases “interstellar travel” by stardrifter

Western Digital (d/b/a stardrifter) mixes space music and vaporwave samplism techniques on interstellar travel for Fantasy Deluxe. This mini-album contains ten bite-sized, one to two minute-long tracks of extraordinarily lo-fi music to sound like the degraded soundtrack to an art house film on space from the ’70s. Samples are generally instrumental adult contemporary and smooth jazz, with a few lonely saxophones like Miles Davis blessed us with so long ago, but without any kitsch that generally accompanies sample-heavy vaporwave or late night lo-fi. Recommended for fans of Brian Eno if Brian Eno made exotica. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, and Fantasy Deluxe implores listeners to purchase from the artist’s Bandcamp page if they are so inclined to support the artist financially.

Check it out below:



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