Tilvera – 踊るできませんでした

Recommendation: ✂ (“Dawn”)

Album #216 for DMT Tapes FL is 踊るできませんでした1 by Tilvera. Little is known about this artist; their only other release is full-length 深夜の議論, which was also released on DMT Tapes FL in 2015 as the label’s eighty-ninth release. They have also appeared on several compilations with DMT Tapes FL, although none featured new tracks.

踊るできませんでした is a four-track classic-style/ECCOJAMS release that samples existing pop media. The samples are given the swirly production aesthetic common to ECCOJAMS releases, with stand-out cut “Dawn” being the best example. The other three tracks are straightforward classic-style; the samples themselves are sonically interesting, but they have little other context by which to evaluate them outside of being slowed-down songs designed to elicit nostalgia. Grab “Dawn” if you are interested – there’s a reason why it was featured twice on DMT Tapes FL compilations.



1. Dawn – (4:34)
2. Fading – (5:37)
3. ホールド オン マイ ハート – (4:16)2
4. いいえ – (1:45)3


1Japanese translation: “I could not dance”
2Japanese translation: “Hold on my heart”
3Japanese translation: “No”


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