Today, Bedlam Tapes simultaneously released two albums of plunderphonics/vaporgoth music from the EIGHTXNIGHTS project (a.k.a. Feifei Forever, Origami Girl), which has been featured on various compilations such as EXOSPHERE on Sunset Recordings and Nirvana Is Leaking Into the Mainframe on Dream Catalogue. EIGHTXNIGHTS released a few early dreampunk/vaportrap albums on Dream Catalogue called SHAANXI and EIGHTXNIGHTS, but those styles have been completely forgone for an experimental mix of field recordings, tribal music (e.g. “NEONXKILLER”), and garage music mixed with Indian folk music (e.g. “DRIFTXWOOD”). Recommended for fans of New Delhi Express on TKX Vault and perhaps Buried Angel on Vault XYO. Both releases are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads and together on cassette for $14 USD in an edition of sixty.

Check them out below:



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