telepath and Agia self-release “The Light of Our Love”

It might’ve come out on the 27th, but it still feels like Christmas: The Light of Our Love is a collaborative full-length between telepath and Agia. telepath is the founding artist in the “slushwave” subgenre of vaporwave that takes the surrealism of hypnagogic drift and late night lo-fi but adds distinct phaser effects that give the releases a “slushy” affect. He is also the mastermind behind the long-running 仮想夢プラザ project, which consists of over seventy half-hour long compositions that explore concepts of love and affection. Agia had previously collaborated with telepath on Every Time I See Your Eyes, an eighteen-minute hypnagogic track released in August 2017 (which is also present on this release). The Light of Our Love picks up where the previous collaboration left off, mixing ambient music with plunderphonics samplism that has quite a bit in common with early sample curation efforts within the vaporwave genre. Of note is “Desolation of Darkness”, which begins with a few minutes of pseudo-dark ambient synths before latching onto an instrumental minor key melody played in a muzak style. Other choice cuts are “The Light of Our Love” and “Circle of Love”. The Light of Our Love is available for $4.44 USD as a digital download and for $11 USD on CD in an edition of 200. The cassettes and CD/cassette bundles are already sold out. Sadface.

Check it out below:



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