Asura Revolver releases “Sacred Code (Encrypted)” by HKE

The seventh and final release of HKE’s Sequence 777 is finally out on Asura Revolver. Sacred Code (Encrypted) was originally to be released on Halo Acid’s Tekres label, but unforeseen circumstances shelved the release with little other information. All of the releases within Sequence 777 were made to reflect the individual styles of the label as interpreted by HKE, and Sacred Code (Encrypted) certainly reflects Tekres with its focus on ghost tech music – which Halo Acid once described as “dance music for introverts”. If you enjoy this, also check out the Pyramids label. Sacred Code (Encrypted) is available for £7.77 GBP on cassette and as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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