AZENXIO – An Opportunity to Escape

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

An Opportunity to Escape is the second EP and third overall release from Spanish1 vaporwave artist AZENXIO. This album release presents eight tracks of pure classic-style vaporwave with all of the alt codes and Japanese text that the style suggests. The songs are short one to two minute samples of extant adult contemporary and pop songs that are edited and looped with a manner akin to ECCOJAMS material, although An Opportunity to Escape lacks the psuedo-dance textures of ECCOJAMS in favor of a transportive, hypnagogic affect2 reminiscent of releases on DMT Tapes FL.

Tracks like “[INTRO_induction]” and “デコードされた星” have a slushy aesthetic mixed with synthwave chord progressions, and the latter has a bit of a vaporhop texture in addition to a lonely saxophone not out of place on a Spirit#67 sample curation album. “Polygonal Gentleman” features different production fidelities in each sample, which creates a curious (and very audible) disconnect when the samples are layered over one another. That track also features a pitch-/tempo-screw that speeds up and down as the song progresses, akin to the ECCOJAMS practiced by Darksleep on Identity Ender. The effect is a fourth-wall breaking classic-style vaporwave album of good vibes that confronts the listener to acknowledge how those good vibes were made.

An Opportunity to Escape is3 available on digital and cassette formats. The cassettes (long since sold-out) come in black and smoke-colored, with the latter being a reissue.



1. [INTRO_induction] – (1:21)
2. 新しいボディ – (1:55)4
3. A Promising New Reality – (2:07)
4. デコードされた星 – (2:08)5
5. Polygonal Gentleman – (1:47)
6. Night Bytes – (2:55)
7. Sensation – (2:54)
8. ループ – (1:38)6


1As in, from Spain.
2As in, emotional affect.
3As in, the verb “to be”.
4Japanese translation: “New body”
5Japanese translation: “Decoded stars”
6Japanese translation: “Loop”


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