b l u e s c r e e n – beautiful death

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Man, that album artwork is so Hotline Miami.
beautiful death is a six-track EP by b l u e s c r e e n, an Australian vaporwave artist who co-owns the Sunset Grid label alongside ΔCID.rar . It’s the first EP in a two-part holiday release1 on August 29, 2016 that also includes 大嫌い. The track “Check Bounce” was appended to beautiful death for its 2017 anniversary.

beautiful death contains six tracks of summery classic-style vaporwave. The production is somewhat muted with a focus on the mid-range, which contrasts to the wall-of-sound classic-style released on the DMT Tapes FL label or the late night sample curation on Naughty Night Records. “Roofie Colada” and “Sad Girls (Fake Tans)” are fairly straightforward pitch-/tempo-shifts of adult contemporary and pop music without skips or hiss, and they lack the digital artifacts that generally accompany classic-style vaporwave that predominantly uses pitch-/tempo-shifting as its primary production technique. “Wax on the Beach” has a slight phaser effect, and opener “Sunkissed” is borderline hypnagogic drift with its rolling new wave instrumental.

Recommended for champagne night on the beach.



1. Sunkissed – (5:31)
2. Roofie Colada – (2:08)
3. Sad Girls (Fake Tans) – (2:40)
4. Wax on the Beach – (2:29)
5. Luau – (2:22)
6. Hibiscus Honey – (5:04)


1I can’t tell what the holiday is supposed to be. A cursory Google search for August 29th reveals Lemon Juice Day, According to Hoyle Day, Chop Suey Day, International Day Against Nuclear Tests, Touch-A-Heart Tuesday (brutal!), More Herbs Less Salt Day, National Sarcoidosis Awareness Day, and National Swiss Winegrowers Day. In 1966, the Beatles performed their last commercial performance at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California; and in 1949, the USSR tested its first atomic bomb.


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