Peach & Plum – Archipelago 3.0

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Archipelago 3.0 is the first release from Peach & Plum, a side-project of Tech Honors – whom some readers may recognize as one of the members of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv and a part of the Ghost Diamond collective. Peach & Plum incorporates aspects of synthpop and psychedelic music1 into the project’s releases, often with a discursive bent that utilizes vaporwave imagery and plunderphonics samplism. Or, if samples aren’t present, the original material is still chopped-and-screwed or otherwise produced to effect a similar affect.2 Other aspects include glitch music and a twisted sense of early/mid-90s aesthetics.

This album is quite discursive, bouncing back-and-forth between disparate rhythms, samples, and electronic effects with quite a bit of distorted craziness. A few bits incorporate ambient music with some significant reverb that is akin to mallsoft – e.g. “Marshmallow Sun”. Other tracks pull full-on synthwave; “Cruise Controller” and “Insect Bite” could be remix tracks for the Hotline Miami video game. The production makes use of the Bolero Effect, by which different elements are steadily layered onto a track that eventually creates a wall-of-sound finish, as on “Lolo Point”.

Archipelago 3.0 is a weird one, but its schizoid style and genuinely fun atmosphere will appeal to fans of early classic-style vaporwave who want some pep.



1. Speed of Zen – (2:05)
2. Insect Bite – (2:06)
3. Arena Graphics – (1:56)
4. Electric Eel Outlet – (2:51)
5. Lolo Point – (2:11)
6. Teslagoon – (2:25)
7. Secret Glyph Puzzle – (3:40)
8. Start-Up Idea – (1:50)
9. Marshmallow Sun – (1:53)
10. Cruise Controller – (3:01)
11. Hotel Fire Hallucinations – (1:26)
12. Seashell Independence – (2:32)


1RateYourMusic even calls it “neo-psychedelia”.
2Boom! How do you like me now, grammar fucks??


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