Night Light Tapes opens submissions for the “FIDELITY ZERO” compilation

Night Light Tapes is a label based out of Pennsylvania that has been active since 2017. It states that its focus is on “late night lo-fi, signalwave, and broken transmission”, with some of its albums also falling within the purview of classic-style vaporwave.

The label recently announced that it is curating a compilation called FIDELITY ZERO, which is to be exclusively for lo-fi “vapor” music regardless of vaporwave subgenre – that includes hardvapour, future funk, slushwave, ghost tech, and other associated genres. Submissions are open to any artist, and they may be submitted to The deadline for submission is 20 April 2018.

The full text of the announcement may be read at this tweet, which has been transcribed below:

A Message for EVERYONE.

Vapor, as a musical subgenre, is everything to us. It has become a lifestyle, no matter what type of vapor we listen to (future funk, classic vaporwave, hardvapor, etc). It revolves around our perfect image of a life before our time; a time so near and dear to our minds, we could have sworn it would be the ideal life.

A little boy or girl staying up past their bedtime, looking into the dark hallway just to notice your dad has left the Weather Channel on. The vibrant voice repeating the temperature for tomorrow morning. A bright blue light being the only thing shining your restless night.

A beautiful image of the city echoing through your head. The rain pouring onto the cobalt colored buildings as they are flashing Japanese advertisements onto their new electronic billboards. The cars moving slowly to their destinations throughout the bustling city.

These images are just a couple that may embody your thoughts when experiencing a new, random vapor track off a simple Bandcamp vaporwave/hardvapor label. But these distant memories are only in your head. They are distorted and aging fragments that are losing to the perpetual motion of time and space. They are like the old VHS tapes in your Mom’s basement. Our world evolves and loses sight and touch with these artifacts.

These experiences are important. And that’s why we are here. Night Light Tapes is extending the olive branch to all vapor music, whether you produce late night lofi, hardvapor, ambient, future funk, slushwave, anything.

Night Light Tapes is proud to announce: FIDELITY ZERO

FIDELITY ZERO is a vapor compilation.


The name says it all about this great undertaking; we want LOFI vapor. The blissful hum of static, the ragged distortion, the low fidelity sound, it’s magical.

Starting right now, we are accepting submissions for the compilation. Send one submission to:



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