Seikomart releases “Girl in the City” by バーチャルSound Terminal

Girl in the City is new music from バーチャルSound Terminal out on the Japanese label Seikomart. This albums starts off with some standard clearly-produced sample curation before launching into drunken classic-style vaporwave. “ラスベガスラブ/LVL” was produced by Lucid Sound Driver, who’s also released music on 首都 TAPES INC. Choice track is “君は僕の全てを持てる/You Can Have All Of Me”, which also sounds quite a bit vaporhopy. Girl in the City is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:




  • Hello! So this is Lucid Sound Driver hope you are all well ^-^
    I just wanted to clarify and say it was Track 6 that I was responsible for on this album not Track 7

    There must have been a small typo made on the album description.

    No big deal really ^-^
    I just want to clarify that because I don’t actually use “samples” as Lucid Sound Driver and like to use all my own recordings (or artists recordings/stems for remodel work when asked or offered) .


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