Antifur releases “Kitchen Life” by Werewolf Hair

… Do I dare say it? That Kitchen Life has some vaporwave in it? I know right – on MY Antifur?? Kitchen Life is a fresh release from Werewolf Hair out on wosX’s Antifur label, which is one of the longest-running and most prominent hardvapour labels alongside HVRF. Kitchen Life incorporates some aspects of lo-fi sample curation akin to vaporwave (especially in the first couple of tracks) that lapse into the industrial techno aesthetic associated with hardvapour. There’s a ton of distortion on the hardvapour tracks, and the album gets more messed up as it progresses. Choice tracks are “Dark Mode” and “Harlan County”; the latter track sounds quite vaporhoppy. Kitchen Life is available for $4.21 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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