Junk Maker Sounds releases “Rollergirl​!​/​/​I Love You, Rollergirl” by Rollergirl!

Rollergirl​!​/​/​I Love You, Rollergirl compiles two albums from the future funk artist Rollergirl! (yes, as with dropbassline., the punctuation is part of the name). All releases are extremely uptempo remixes of extant funk and contemporary R&B so you can dance all night long. The tracks are smoothly produced so that the awkward production-shift that often occurs with album compilations isn’t a problem here. Choice tracks include “Vanilla Coke” and “Music.”. Recommended for people who think YUNG BAE is too busy. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; the cassettes are already sold out as of this writing.

Check it out below:



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