[Weekly Recap] 26 February – 4 March

Hello everyone, and thanks for reading as always! I apologize for the haphazard updates this past week. I came down with a frustrating respiratory infection on Monday that’s spread from my throat to my nose and is now hanging out around my sinuses. We also had a killer nor’easter send us a hell of a windstorm that lasted from Friday through Sunday and knocked out my power. Everything is all up and running now, and I’ve gone through the new music updates for the last six days. Some notable albums from DMT Tapes FL, who almost released as many albums as there are days of the week.


New Music

Monday, 26 February
Wednesday, 28 February
Thursday, 1 March
Friday, 2 March
Saturday, 3 March
Sunday, 4 March


Site Publications

Tuesday, 27 February

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