AOTW | 9 April – 15 April: Phoenix#2772 – Experience

Experience is the eleventh overall album from Phoenix#2772, a Miami-based producer who’s one of the most influential artists in vaporwave not only for his brand of surreal classic-style vaporwave but also for coming out with a little album known as The Dream Catalogue several years back. Experience is Phoenix#2772 at one of his most downtempo moments, eschewing most of the classic-style samplism-heavy work of previous albums for hypnagogia, which is shown in the distorted purple image of a high-class suite. Most of the songs (even the shorter ones) contain long, repetitive jams of vaporwave edits with additional production effects such as phaser, but without going straight into the slushy territory of telepath and associated producers. Released in 2016, Experience is not quite a household name within vaporwave, but its strength and eclecticism of production styles demonstrates the ability for the classic strains of vaporwave to be relevant and surprising in ways that don’t necessarily mean a simple pitch shift.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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