[Weekly Recap] 9 April – 15 April

Hello, and good readings everyone. Here’s the installment of the weekly recap series from 9-15 April 2018. This week was primarily heavy in ambient vaporwave, vaporgoth, and hypnagogic drift, with several notable releases from labels like Seikomart, Sunset Grid, and Flamingo Vapor. Additionally, the deadline for Night Light Tapes’ lo-fi vaporwave compilation FIDELITY ZERO is coming up on April 20th. There are currently over forty tracks submitted, but the label is encouraging more submissions. If this interests you, submit your track to nightlighttapes@gmail.com.

See below for more new music updates and site publications. Note: the tag “vocal vaporwave” means the album incorporates original sung vocals by the artist.


New Music

Monday, 9 April
Tuesday, 10 April
Wednesday, 11 April
Thursday, 12 April
Friday, 13 April
Saturday, 14 April
Sunday, 15 April


Site Publications

Tuesday, 10 April
Saturday, 14 April

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