Nirvana Port reissues albums from the former Acid Medical label

A couple months ago, the Acid Medical label abruptly shut down following internal issues within the label that led to several artists asking their work to be removed its archives. There were statements from the label’s owner that several albums were going to be eventually uploaded to several other label discographies, however for some time the only way to access most of the releases was through YouTube and MEGA archives.

This past weekend, Nirvana Port issued ten albums formerly on Acid Medical, and released an additional exclusive album. Nirvana Port was an extremely limited-run label that only released nine albums over its short life. It was related to Dream Catalogue and TKX Vault, being run by HKE. However, the label’s Bandcamp page recently underwent a re-design, and shortly afterwards (5 May 2018), the Acid Medical albums were reissued as the ACIDMED Archives, Vol. 2. Most of them are drone works. They are as follows:


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