Data Entries – Images

Album information:

Artist: Data Entries
Album: Images
Type: Full-length (LP)
Release date: 13 June 2015
Label: self-released

  • Digital download (self-released, 2015)


Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Images is the first of two releases from Data Entries, an artist known only by their pseudonym. Although sequel Intranet Series 3000 was released by Elemental 95, this album was exclusively self-released on digital format. As with many artists in old-school vaporwave, Data Entries has no known ties to other projects and no other has made public comments acknowledging that they are the producer. This type of pseudonymity would be better called pseudo-anonymity, as the artist is basically anonymous in all but actual name.

The eighteen tracks of Images are produced and presented in the signalwave style. Short vignettes of plundered samples make up each movement, which range from semi-ambient (e.g. “Asleep”) to muzak (e.g. “Limelight Against the Wall”). Unlike Infinity Frequencies or INTERNET CLUB, there does not seem to be a narrative here, and the appeal is to be gained from subverting expectations in how tracks should follow one another. There are a few lead-ins or fade-outs, but most tracks start and end at random parts. Fittingly, the album is made to either be played in one full setting or have tracks interspersed among others in a discursive playlist.

Compared to the wealth of signalwave released in 2014 and 2015, Images is nothing particularly unique, being fairly representative of the genre without any particular stand-out points. However, big fans of the subgenre who are looking for the next unknown artist of whom they haven’t heard would get more out of it.



1. Introduction – (0:29)
2. Emotions and Expressions – (0:39)
3. Enter through the Fiction – (1:15)
4. Asleep – (0:53)
5. Lighting Transparency – (0:46)
6. Sky Fading – (0:41)
7. Landscapes Drawn – (0:25)
8. Synthavision – (0:28)
9. Moving Graphics – (0:32)
10. Intranet Desert Lines – (2:00)
11. Dimensional Sea Fogs – (1:21)
12. Screen – (0:13)
13. Dreams – (2:02)
14. Lobby Cafe – (0:56)
15. New Modern Area – (0:52)
16. Demo Videos – (0:44)
17. Limelight against the Wall – (1:32)
18. Broken Transmission – (1:28)


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