Elemental 95 releases “SaVe FoR a RAiNy DaY” by Θ⌐6απΣ╙╙ε §bÿ

Back in vaporwave’s early days (~2010/2011), the genre was a lot more surreal than the host of classic-style/sample curation that’s come since, with artists like 骨架的 and Datavision Ltd. making some surprisingly spooky music that was rooted in screwing with plundered samples as much as they could possibly go while still retaining some aspects of musicality. Θ⌐6απΣ╙╙ε §bÿ for Elemental 95 recalls that aesthetic on SaVe FoR a RAiNy DaY, a short eight-track release that adds an absurd amount of slush, drone, and extensive pitch-/tempo-shifting that straddles the line between dreamstate and nightmare. Choice track is “WiNdShIeLd WiPeRs”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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