[Weekly Recap] 21 May – 27 May

This was one of the largest weeks for vaporwave and vaporwave-related music for 2018 so far. Tons of albums from various subgenres such as classic-style vaporwave, sample curation, modern cyberpunk music, and ambient vaporwave. Of note is that Malachite Records reissued another set of albums from International Debris, this time releasing five works such as Dead Hymns and Document #2. Neoncity Records has reissued a couple albums as well, which are described in detail below.


New Music

Monday, 21 May
Tuesday, 22 May
Wednesday, 23 May
Thursday, 24 May
Friday, 25 May
Saturday, 26 May
Sunday, 27 May


Site Publications

Monday, 21 May
Thursday, 24 May

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