[Admin] Summer plans (June – mid-August)

Hello, readers! Those of you who follow the Sunbleach Twitter page (which you should) have seen a couple updates concerning my activities these last few weeks. I’m starting graduate school mid-way on the other side of the country at the end of August, and over the last few weeks of May, much of my time had been spent packing for the move while also getting ready for a massive two-and-a-half month hiking trip that I’m doing with my dog from June through mid-August. I am a pretty big mix of excited and nervous!

This necessitates a bit of a discussion on the future of Sunbleach while I am gone, as well as a run-down of my schedule. My first month is spent in the White Mountains, where I’ll be staying with some friends while doing day-hikes on some of the summits. I’ll have Internet access and will update as possible, which will likely either be late at night or during my “zero” days where I don’t go for a hike – which will occur once every five days to give myself and my dog some rest.

July is a bit more interesting. I plan on being in the Adirondacks (and possibly other areas) for the majority of this time, and I’ll likely be camping far more often than in June. While I will get to coffee shops and other places during those much-needed zero days, updates then will probably be much less often than in June. I will be able to give a better update as July approaches.

August will be spent doing some miscellaneous hikes throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeast, where I’ll be alternating between hiking and spending time with friends. Around this time, Sunbleach should be back to normally scheduled programming.

If you see Sunbleach not update for a few days straight, don’t worry! Sunbleach is not going anywhere, and it still remains my music and writing priority. I might enlist some help with the new music updates, but otherwise there should be no changes to format or posts except for some delays until I get a half-day to write during those days where I’m not on the trail.

As always, thanks for reading, and feel welcome to reach out should you have any questions via the contact page.


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  • ctysdan

    Have fun on your hiking trip and enjoy the natural beauty of those mountains as much as possible!


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