[Weekly Recap] 4 June – 10 June + travel update

Good evening everyone, and welcome to this Monday’s edition of the weekly recap. This update primarily includes new music within ECCOJAMS, sample curation, and not a few experimental vaporwave works from labels like Swamp Circle and Net Century. Attached at the very end is an update on my hiking trip, for those curious. No major label releases on 6 June and 7 June; omissions of these dates below are not an accident.


New Music

Monday, 4 June
Tuesday, 5 June
Friday, 8 June
Saturday, 9 June
Sunday, 10 June


Site Publications

Monday, 4 June
Tuesday, 5 June
Wednesday, 6 June


Hiking Update

As stated in last week’s admin post, I am currently doing a two and-a-half month hiking trip/traveling with my dog. At the moment, we’re up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire working on knocking out all forty-eight of the 4000-footers, which refers to all the mountains in the area that are at least 4000 feet high and have at least 200 feet of prominence over their neighbors. The goal is to have them all done by the end of June. I’m doing the hikes in “cycles” of five days, whereby one cycle is four days hiking and one “zero day” where I don’t hike, with at least ten peaks per cycle. As of today, we have hiked fifteen peaks.

So far, things are going great. We arrived last Monday and did twelve peaks in our first cycle, knocking out a few big ones like Cannon and the two Kinsman mountains (note: routes shown in those pages aren’t the ones I took, they’re just to show the mountains). At the moment we’re halfway through the second cycle, having reached two peaks yesterday and one today. Tomorrow is a set of four peaks called the Franconia Ridge Traverse, which takes us to Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, and Lafayette in one day – giving us our first peaks over 5000 feet. It’ll be a long day, but a good one! Then Wednesday (the fourth day in the second cycle) will be a set of three that is currently undecided between two different groups. What I choose will likely depend on how I feel after tomorrow.

The Internet access is slightly more spotty than anticipated, but I’m working on getting as many updates as I can when I have the time and connection. This may or may not occur on a zero day, as I’m also using my zero days to work on graduate school stuff and to explore the area. However, Sunbleach is still going strong. Even on days that there aren’t updates, I’m still listening to music, searching for new videos/art, and finding more things to add to the site.

As always, thanks for reading! I wanted to give y’all a quick update on the hike in case anyone wondered.


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