[Admin] Summer Updates + Return

Good morning, everyone! It’s been a hot minute, huh? Speaking of hot, it’s currently 90F in my new town in the State of Michigan. I think I’m dying. I left Florida because of this shit.

The rest of the hiking adventure this summer went great. Corvette and I explored through Maine, Massachusetts, and the Catskills of NY. At the beginning of July, we had to change our itinerary due to severe inclement weather in northeastern Maine, but everything went well in the end. We spent a week at Acadia National Park, did some lighthouse-hopping along the coast, and took two weeks in the Berkshires after entering Massachusetts. The adventure ended at the end of July when we got hit with some major storms and flooding that were forecasted to continue for almost two weeks – and they did not disappoint. After a brief few days in NoVA, we went down to spend a few weeks in Georgia and Florida throughout August, and at the end of that month headed back to NoVA to move to Michigan for graduate school. It was certainly a busy time.

I’d intended on doing updates during that period, but I was hit with a ton of work in preparing for graduate school at that time (in addition to moving halfway across the country). I also felt mentally awful after getting off the trails, which was never a fun time. So Sunbleach went through a somewhat-unofficial hiatus throughout July and August, with some new music updates occurring at the beginning of August for July albums.

Sunbleach is back now though – now that I’m situated in my new place and am not feeling the overwhelming desire to go back to the mountains (saving that for a few long weekends this Fall). My intentions were originally to go through all of the new music that’s been released throughout July and August, but unfortunately that would simply take too much time that I would rather divert to writing new album articles, publishing a couple in-the-pipeline bits for SUNNbleach, and publishing an interview that was completed earlier this summer. Instead, Sunbleach is going to begin the new music blurbs again starting this week (3 September – 9 September 2018). My hopes are to go through some of the summer albums and write more in-depth album articles for stand-out albums.

As for this beginning week, look for an interview with qualchan. to be posted tomorrow, as well as four new album articles before the weekend. I’ll also have a new album-of-the-week posted tonight.

As always, thank you for reading, and I look forward to writing again!


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