Orange Milk Records releases “Sensory Dub Example” by Co La

Not vaporwave? Well, it’s Orange Milk Records, headed up by a member of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv, so it gets grandfathered in. Plus, OMR has a lot of interesting, similarly weird aesthetics as vaporwave, so they’re at least somewhat sisters! Anyhow enough stalling. Sensory Dub Example is a new full-length release by Co La, consisting of one nineteen-minute track and one two-minute track. This release is roughly divided into several different “movements” that incorporate glitch music, electronic dub, and wonky avant-garde clicks & cuts (an Orange Milk staple). A Bandcamp reviewer calls it music for a “mutant house party”, and I agree. Highlight section of the first track is from approximately (7:20) to (9:15). Sensory Dub Example is available for $7 USD as a digital download and for $15 USD on vinyl in an unlisted edition.

Check it out below:



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