Geometric Lullaby releases “死と生は同じです (death and life are the same)” by 疑心暗鬼

死と生は同じです (death and life are the same) is a new release from Geometric Lullaby – which has been absolutely knocking it out of the park in the album artwork department. This hour-long release comes from the artist 疑心暗鬼. It brings together dark ambient music and vaporwave in a thoroughly creepy interpretation of ghosts and metaphysics through synth music. The label bills the release as a combination of 2814 dreampunk and the proto-vaporwave experiments of 骨架的, specifically the debut Skeleton. Tracks are either three/four minutes or long 10-minute-plus space odysseys, with special mention of the opener “生”. 死と生は同じです (death and life are the same) is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; the cassette edition is already sold out.

Check it out below:



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